Incredible Games You Can Play On Xenia Emulator

Gears of War, Burnout, Forza Motorsport 2, and Halo 3 are great titles that immediately bring forth the Xbox 360 in mind and these are just a few of the games from the massive Xbox 360 game library that are considered classics and are treasured by all gamers that have owned the console. If you are looking to play your beloved Xbox 360 games on your computer, then Xenia Emulator is the best choice.

Xenia is an Xbox 360 emulator for devices that run Windows 7,8 and 10 and it is considered the best Xbox 360 because of its simplicity, performance, easy setup, and active development. 

One of the issues with emulation especially with relatively modern consoles is performance, emulating games is more than likely a pain, especially with low-end hardware but with Xenia, there is little worry of crashes, compatibility, performance issues, and the ever-annoying frame drops. 

You can achieve without a very powerful computer which is great news, especially with the current GPU and CPU market where even low-tier hardware can cost a fortune. Additionally, you can check the minimum and recommended specifications for Xenia to run on their website.

Another amazing performance feature of Xenia is the ability to toggle AMD FSR which aims to provide better performance without loss of quality!

However, that does not mean that all games of the massive Xbox 360 library are seamlessly playable. This is not surprising since Xenia like most popular emulators is still in development. But this does not mean that you will spend countless hours dumping rom files only to later find out that the game is unplayable, the Xenia Community has saved you the headache. The Xenia Project has a list of compatible games as well as how playable and bug-free it is with comments from the Xenia Community of how amazing their playthrough was.

On top of that Xenia is very user-friendly. Once you download the file you will just need to extract it to your desired directory, open the emulator then open the rom file you want to play, wait for it to load, and enjoy the experience! For the games, there is again a very detailed guide on the Xenia website for you to follow! You can play the games using almost any Bluetooth controller giving you a very console-like experience.

It is pretty clear why Xenia is a great emulator to retro games on, starting from the passion of the developers in delivering as close as an authentic Xbox 360 experience, the detailed guides on how to set up, rip games, the compatibility lists, to the active community are recipes for a successful venture that will hopefully preserve classic games that can be readily played in the future when hardware has failed due to inevitable wear and tear. 

And within the next few months, those on Linux may also have the opportunity to play retro Xbox 360 games on their device as Linux development of Xenia is reported to be progressing and builds compatible with Linux will eventually be released. Hopefully, it will be as smooth and worry-free on the major and popular Linux distros as it is on Windows.

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