Sublime Text: An In-Depth Review

Fast, stable, and lightweight – that’s how you will find most of the reviews defining Sublime Text. Developed in 2007 by a former Google engineer, this software is a go-to editor for programmers who want to customize WordPress or take a deeper dive into web design and development. It is a level up to standard text editors and runs on Linux, Windows, and macOS. In 2018, StackOverflow rated it as the 4th most popular development environment.

Sublime Text is often compared to Visual Studio Code in terms of capabilities. However, one significant distinction between the two is that Sublime Text is a paid tool with pricing starting from $99. But it allows users a free evaluation period, the time limit for which depends on the user. 

The installation process of Sublime Text is pretty simple. It is a small, lightweight software with an 8 MB installation file, and after installation, it consumes 22 MB of space on a hard disk to run smoothly. It is built on Python and C++/C, which ensures the fast performance of the editor. The speed is apparent when running large files on the editor, as it is built to do the heavy lifting without lag or issues.

The software facilitates customization through plug-ins. The Package Manager integrated with Sublime Text enables users to search, install, and upgrade plug-ins without restarting the computer. Additionally, users also have the option to install packages from BitBucket, GitHub, and PackageControl is Sublime’s repository where the editor’s community publishes plug-ins for Sublime users. 

Up till now, there are approximately 38,000 packages available under the label of recently updated, trending, new, popular, and others. The packages include extensive information on the plug-in’s functionality and installation process with screenshots. These packages help transform Sublime from a simple code editor to a powerful IDE and customize it to the desired development environment. For instance, syncing files to a remote FTP server, and previewing code written in advanced sidebar controls and Markdown. 

The only challenge, if you can even call it that, is that the information is only accessible on the website – not within the tool itself. The good thing is that the Package Control is fast and you can manage the download setting via preferences. 

Coming to usability, the software features all the essentials required for programmers including syntax highlight and code autocompletion. The latter feature is supported for user-created variables as well. It also warns you of parsing errors in real-time by offering native support for varying programming languages by coloring code elements. There are different color themes available with Sublime that you can change according to your preferences. Sublime also has code folding, which compacts large code by hiding certain parts, enabling programmers to see the big (code) picture.  

However, Sublime Text does have a steep learning curve, but several tutorials and guides are accessible online to help you learn the tool. With its broad set of features and user-friendly interface, Sublime Text is suitable for programmers of versatile skills and disciplines. Plus, the software definitely offers value for money at a low price point. 

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