CCleaner (Review): Is It Safe to Use?

Usually there are a lot of software to clean Windows computers. But when it comes to mac not a lot of software programs available for that. Mac OS tends to take care of itself for the most part but when it comes to heavy cleaning that’s where CleanMyMac really shines. Mac and Windows are entirely different systems, these tools are often geared differently to provide for the operating systems’ different needs. As the name suggests, the Clean My Mac system optimization tool is developed exclusively for macOS devices. There is, however, a CleanMyPC option, which we do not cover here. If you have a Windows computer, you might want to try that. 

Available straight from the App Store, a free version of Clean My Mac offers tools in five main areas: Clean-up, Protection, Speed, Applications, and Files. Here we summarise their features: 


Clean-up focuses on system optimization and resolving errors, damaged or corrupted files, clearing local copies of email downloads and attachments, with the intention to achieve maximum performance and speed on your device. Optimizing involves deleting temporary files to free up space. 


Protection is as the name suggests. This function performs a system-wide check for malware, removing malicious files, and rectifying any vulnerabilities in your systems. Privacy functions immediately remove browser history and all traces of your online history. This also applies to messaging services – a big one in this day and age! Malware protection is a particularly good feature of the CleanMyMac optimization software. 


A function dedicated to what we most seek to achieve with system optimization software – reducing lag in our operating system and a better user experience! This feature allows you to monitor what is running on your Mac, therefore, increasing output. You can manage launching agents and manage log-in items. 


This setting ensures applications uninstall correctly, as well as their associated files. You can also reset applications to their original state. 


Space Lens, under the Files functions, gives users a visual representation of your folders and files, highlighting what ‘problem’ areas you have to assist in manual tidying. 

Above all of that, CleanMyMac is easy to use, with a nice user interface. As is typical for Apple, the items iWorks seamlessly with macOS and is a fantastic value tool even on the Free version. So that’s it for today and we hope you enjoyed this. If you have any questions, leave me a comment below and I will try my best to respond!